All te data and Internet precense at GVtrend are result of a lot of hard workin of our crew:

Grigor Yovov – Digital Marketing the Heart of the project

Bachelor of Marketing science and honored with a lot of certificates in the field.

In my family tree, 200 years ago there are 11 teachers among my ancestors. I find helping others with the knowledge I have, as my mission and instinct that running in my veins. Hundreds of successful projects with my own company Business Trend in the last decade maid me confident to start the gvtrend blog.






Villy Yovova – Digital Markeitng Stealth Brain of the project

Bachelor of Marketing science Co-Founder at Business Trend Ltd.

I love giving support in poblem solving of all topics and aspects of the project. My love of researching and finding solutions have made me believe that almost everything is possible as soon as you put enough efforts on it. I love when most of the time the process of working combine with the process of learning, which is critical for the Digital Marketing. My personal interests include cooking, traveling and having quality time with my family.