Grigor Yovov
Grigor Yovov

My name is Grigor Yovov. I am a founder of Business Trend company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over the last
decade we consult businesses all over different niches and give them more traffic and leads.

I have a huge experience in digital marketing starting with my Bachelor degree in Marketing from UNWE university. I have also certificates form Google Analytics (IQ) and HubSpot (Inbound Marketing).

I’d love to be in help in developing businesses and marketing projects. So I decide to create gvtrend- a marketing blog. My wife Villy Yovova is also a digital marketing expert, bachelor of the same science and has a lot of experience with social media marketing.

We’ll be glad to help you with our knowledge and experience.


What I love

I love my family. My wife Villy and my daughter Tsvetomira. Also love to learn and teach digital marketing. The rest of the time I spend to read old school paper books and play chess.

Now to be fair, it is your turn. Tell me about you : )

What are your digital marketing struggles? What is your success? What are your plans for the future?

Visit the blog or the YouTube channel and we’ll love to talk on different topics!